Extended Validation SSL

SSL Name SSL Brand Warranty Validation Domains
Assurance Price  
Comodo EV SSL $1,750,000 Extended (EV) Single Domain
$110.00 /Yr
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SSL Name Browser
Encryption Key Length Green Bar
in Browsers
Server Licences Reissues
Comodo EV SSL 99.90% Up to 256-bit 2048 Bits Yes Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Name Site Seal Seal Type Customer Support Renewal
Comodo EV SSL Comodo EV SSL Dynamic Seal 24x7 Email, Ticket and Chat Yes 1 - 2 years Up to 10 business days
SSL Name Warranty Refund Period Vendor Price (/Yr) Our Price (/Yr) Savings  
Comodo EV SSL $1,750,000 15 days $359.00
$110.00 /Yr

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Extended Validation

With online shopping the greatest growth segment in retail and more business transactions being conducted on the internet, websites need to be secure in order to inspire consumer confidence. An EV SSL certificate is the highest level of SSL protection you can have, and while it involves a rigorous multi-part vetting process, it provides undisputable proof that your site is secure.
The Steps That Make EV SSL Secure And Trustworthy
SSL Extended Validation goes beyond offering basic protection and works behind the scenes to protect website users through a four-step process to prove you are a legitimate business.
  • Verification. Anyone can buy a domain name, but EV SSL verifies your company's existence and verifies that the company does what it says it does. Extended SSL assures customers that you are a legitimate business.
  • Cross-referencing. Before issuing your EV SSL, your company's existence is cross checked with government records, domain registries, and other official entities.
  • Confirmation. In this step, you are shown to have exclusive rights to the domain you claim to own. When protected with EV SSL a domain is secure from hackers who may insert malicious code and steal information.
  • Validation. Before your SSL EV certificate is issued, the issuing company will verify that you authorized the certificate.
Because there are several steps involved, extended validation certificates are not issued on the spot and may take a few days or even weeks to prepare. This brief delay is well worth it when measured in increased site credibility, especially if you choose a trusted SSL certificate authority that browsers recognize.
Why Buy From SSLCertificates.com
Selecting the right extended validation SSL can be complex, given the number of steps involved in the issuance process. When you work with SSLCertificate.com for extended SSL, you will not only get competent assistance in making your selection and purchase, you will also get a very competitive price as all of our EV SSLs are priced lower than the issuing CAs.
The SSLCertificate.com Difference
Best of all, at SSLCertificate.com we employ highly-trained professionals experienced in the IT security field. This means that you get impeccable customer service and support to back your SSL certificate purchase.
For questions or support, you can reach us anytime via our Live Chat, Feedback Forum, or submit a ticket or contact us by e-mail.

.JP/.PW domain owners

We’re sorry, but .jp/.pw domains and Japan-based companies or individuals are no longer eligible for GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte or Symantec. Try .jp/.pw-friendly Comodo certs instead! If you have a non-active GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte or Symantec cert: don’t worry about it, we’ll give you a refund. Active certs will keep working no matter what.